About Us

Let’s make your adventure safe, fun, and memorable! The key to a great adventure begins with excellent preparation! To help get you started on your own Wild West Adventure, have a look at our tips and advice for our shuttle services. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  Here is more about us and hopefully some insight as to what to expect from Arizona Canyon Express Shuttle (Go A.C.E.S!)


Our vehicles are older, but very reliable and well-maintained for rough & sandy roads. We also make sure they are clean for the comfort of all of our clients. We carry extra tires as well as repair equipment. We also carry a lot of other gear that may come in handy should the “unexpected” happen. Weather can play havoc with our only dirt roads leading to your final destination. Occasionally, all we can do is get you as close as possible in some circumstances. Be prepared to possibly hike a little extra if inclement weather occurs during your scheduled adventure. We take into consideration not only your safety, but ours as well when it comes to adventuring in the wilderness.

Booking Process

Bookings can be made over the phone or by email. directly online. NOTHING is confirmed until you have received a response from us in some shape, way or form. You can reach us by clicking this link, or by e-mail or phone. Space & availability is limited. Cancellations happen do to various circumstances and we understand completely. Should you be unable to make your existing reservation with us, please contact us as quickly as possible so that we may make the necessary changes to our schedule too. We will contact you prior to your scheduled adventure to confirm all plans.


The preferred method of payment is cash at the time of the excursion. Please bring exact payment because drivers do not carry money. We DO accept some credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) at this time, however there will be an additional credit card processing fee applied to those forms of payment. No deposit is required.

Shuttle Meeting Time and Location

Pick-up and departure times will be arranged with you at the time of the shuttle booking. From May through September, earlier starting times are preferred for your comfort. Pick-up &  departure areas can be Northern Arizona or Southern Utah (or any place in-between) The long-term parking lot in Marble Canyon, AZ and the BLM Paria Contact Station in Utah are preferable & easily identifiable locations. Of course, other arrangements can be requested & price to be determined.

Required Information and Permit Forms

To protect the world-famous geological formations of the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs and to preserve the unique experience of hiking in this wilderness area, the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) has put in place a permitting system. For more information, please check the following link: BLM Coyote Buttes Permit.

Your hiking adventure may require permits as well for not only access to the area but for overnight long term parking.  Sometimes there is a “Daily User Fee” associated with access to certain destinations. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. If you cannot go in person to the BLM office to apply for the lottery or to obtain the physical permit prior to your adventure, we can offer to apply for you but you need to call us beforehand to make the necessary arrangements.

Outdoor activities in such remote and wild lands involve some potential hazards and risks that we have to bring to our guests’ attention. We ask our guests to sign our Liability Waiver and Release before the start of their Wild West Adventure.


Weather is always an important factor with outdoor activities. As previously mentioned, good preparation is crucial to being safe & enjoying your wilderness adventure. In the summer, day-time temperatures can reach as high as 110°F but generally highs are in the mid to low 90°F. Hottest time of the day is around 3pm but temperatures can drop dramatically at night. Be aware that we are in a very low humidity area (around 10%-15%). This allows for quick evaporation and it is possible to become dehydrated even before feeling thirsty. It is therefore extremely important to stay well-hydrated and to manage properly fluids intake (electrolytes are highly recommended).

Summer thunderstorms (Monsoon season) generally begins Mid-July and continues until mid to late September. Clear, dry weather in the morning with storms building in the afternoon. These storms can produce heavy localized rains in amounts exceeding 1 inch or more in a short span of time. Such rains can cause flash floods much further downstream than where they occurred. Narrow canyons and washes can then become extremely dangerous.

In the winter, temperatures can range from the mid to low 50°F down to single-digit. Dressing in layers is the best way to maintain comfortable body temperature while hiking.  You should wear something that is suitable for hiking and that allows freedom of movement. Well-fitting hiking shoes are highly recommended.

In the summertime, light long sleeved shirts, along with a brimmed hat and sunglasses are ideal for sun protection. Also take sunscreen with you and make sure to apply it regularly on exposed areas of skin.


Your safety is always our first priority. Nature is both very beautiful and very unforgiving. Our shuttle drivers are trained and experienced with the area. They know in particular that conditions (weather, roads etc…) may change very quickly and they know how to adapt to such changes so that you can enjoy your trip. They all are first aid certified and carry First Aid kits in case of any medical emergencies.

Food & Drinks

Water is provided on all of our shuttle vehicles complimentary. We do carry various snack items for emergency purposes. Guests are welcome to bring their own food & drinks. We kindly request that you help us keep our shuttle and our lands trash free.


Bathrooms are non-existent. ‘Leave-no-trace’ etiquette will be followed. ‘Wag Bags’ will be provided for your convenience. We try to allow for a final bathroom stop prior to some destinations like Navajo Mountain, White House, Wire Pass, & Buckskin Gulch.


Smoking is not allowed in vehicles.

Stay in touch after your trip

We would like to stay in touch with you after your tour to share your photos, videos or even blogs with your impressions. We greatly appreciate any reviews, feedback, or suggestions and we will send you a follow-up email. We hope to count you among our followers of our next adventures on either Facebook or Google+.